Brad Uline & Angela Goh
Re/Max Realtec Group

As father and mother of six children and as your Realtors we have a heightened concern for your safety and security.  Angela has been in law enforcement in Florida, so she knows the importance of knowing the community you live in, and feeling safe there.

The most comprehensive way to check neighborhood crime statistics before you purchase your home include the following. Here are some helpful websites:

The U.S. Department of Justice NSOPW

The acronym for this site stands for the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website. The original name for this site in 2005 was the National Sex Offender Public Registry. It was renamed to honor 22-year-old Dru Sjodin who was murdered by a registered sex offender. This site allows you to conduct a national search for registered sex offenders. The site also contains useful information on how to protect your children from being victims. You can search by address, ZIP code, county, city, or by a person's name.

AreaVibes devised a "livability score" to help people decide where they want to live. It bases livability on seven categories, one of them being crime rates. The cool feature of this site is the comparison tool. Sometimes just seeing statistics in a vacuum doesn't give you a clear picture of what they mean. But if you can compare a new city that you don't know much about with a city you do, you can get an idea of what the statistics mean. Or if you are torn between two cities to relocate to, the comparison tool can help you out. Just enter any two cities, and you can see a side-by-side comparison regarding murders, assaults, burglaries, robberies, and stolen vehicles.

This crime aggregator site gets data from police departments, the news, and from users who can submit a crime tip. It then takes that information and maps the crimes on Google Maps. You can see icons that stand for a variety of crimes: arrest, arson, assault, burglary, robbery, shooting, theft, vandalism, and other. The site tells you the type of crime that occurred on which date at what address. If you want, you can sign up to receive alerts of crime in the area through email, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, or RSS.

This site is a great resource for general data, such as providing lists of the most dangerous cities in America, the safest cities, and so on. But if you want a detailed crime report of cities and towns, you need to subscribe. If you do, you'll receive a crime index rate of the city you look up, how many violent crimes and property crimes there are, and what your chances are of becoming a victim.