Tips for Incorporating Dark Colors into Your Home

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People have been going with neutral, light colors in their homes for a clean, bright look. Many fear that bringing dark colors into the home will make for a dim, depressing environment. However, there are many ways to decorate with dark colors for a sleek, classy look that won’t excessively darken your home.

Dark walls, white decor

If you’re aiming for a stark contrast, paint your walls black and then fill the rest of the room with white decor. This creates a bold, modern look without dimming the room. Incorporate different textures or patterns for the white objects to prevent the room from looking bland.

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Dark furniture, light walls

On the other side of the same coin, you can bring dark furniture into rooms with light-or cream-colored walls. Dark furniture will look polished against the light backdrop in this room.

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Most people keep the woodwork surrounding their windows painted white, but you can add some character to your home by painting these areas dark brown or black. This will create definition in the room.

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Contrast with light bathroom tiles

If you have partially light-tiled bathroom walls near your shower or sink, you can easily paint the surrounding wall space a dark gray, black, blue, etc. for a luxurious look that will pair nicely with white tiles.

Shelving interior

If you’re not ready to take a big step and purchase dark furniture or paint your walls a dark color, there are other ways to bring dark colors into your home. You can paint the backdrop of hallway shelving or bookcases a darker color. This will make your piece more interesting without forcing you to fully commit to dark furniture.

Chalkboard walls

If you want to add some excitement into your kitchen, consider painting your walls with chalkboard paint. This will create a casual atmosphere while adding a dark color to one wall. You can also use this paint in a recreational room because it’s fun to experiment with the chalk.

Dark bottom, light top for kitchen cabinets and islands

There’s no rule that says just because you have one dark piece of furniture in the room, every other piece has to follow suit. In rooms with cabinets, like your kitchen or bathroom, you can feel free to incorporate both dark and light colors. For example, you can choose a dark brown color for the bottom cabinets closest to the ground, a light granite color, and a light color for the cabinets lining the walls. This allows you to keep the room bright without becoming bland.

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You can highlight your favorite photos by purchasing dark colored frames for them. This helps the images stand out, unlike light-colored frames. If you’re opting for dark furniture or decor, these frames will also match and help tie the room together nicely.

You no longer have to fear dark colors making the rooms in your home appear bleak or small. Instead, incorporate dark colors in ways that enhance and modernize your space.