Fashion Your Own Fire Pit

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One of the best ways to enjoy your backyard is by gathering around a campfire, but gathering wood and making the fire yourself isn’t always feasible. Now you can have your very own tabletop version—perfect for any size backyard!


Materials:  Work gloves, Nonstick spray, 18-inch bowl, Large bucket, Concrete mix, Masonry trowel, 5-inch bowl, Heavy weights, Sandpaper, Lava rock granules, Gel fuel canisters, Grill grate/metal screen, Industrial scissors, Large lava rocks, Lighter



1)  Be sure to put on work gloves before starting this project. To begin, spray the inside of the 18-inch bowl with nonstick spray.

2)  Mix the concrete in a large bucket, and using the trowel, pour the concrete into the 18-inch bowl until it is half-full.

3)  Place the 14.5-inch bowl into the center of the concrete, and weigh it down with the weights. Be sure that both bowls are level, and that there is about 2-3 inches of concrete in between the bowls.

4)  Tap the outside of the bowl gently to remove any air bubbles, and give the concrete at least 48 hours to harden.

5)  Once set, remove the inner bowl first, and then gently remove the concrete from the outer bowl. Use sandpaper to clean up the edges.

6)  Place a layer of the lava rock into the bottom of the concrete bowl, and add the fuel canisters to the center.

7)  Cut the metal screen to fit over the concrete, and place over top of the canisters. Cover the grate with a thin layer of the large lava rocks.

8)  When ready to use, light the fuel canisters through the grate with a longneck lighter.

NOTE: To extinguish the fire pit, follow the guidelines for the gel fuel canisters.